Vote for this man! He is the dark horse on the rise! Down with politics as usual. I have known him for over for thirty years. He cannot be corrupted. He is the Ghandi of America...


He has lived in national obscurity
for far too long
But as a leader
of the Kaisertown Liberation Front
and as the distinguished producer of
Think Twice Radio
He has provided his community
for alternative ways of thinking
about philosophy, politics and art
for several decades
He does not drive a fancy car
He is not protected by the Secret Service
His cathedral is the local electronic store
Where he secretly assembles
his own version of the Global Village

If you are tired of a presidential choice
between Coke and Pepsi
He is your man
He will give prominance to Kaisertown
as a working class community
Which the worldwide revolution
will learn many hard lessons from
He will make Big Bird
his Vice-Presidential candidate
and he will fund PBS
with massive funds
Similar to Obama's rescue
of the capatalist banking system
Most criticallly,
he does not dye his hair like Romney
with only strategic hairs of gray showing

He is a master of foreign diplomacy
He will move Israel to Grand Island
under the watchdog of
The Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center
and he will handsomely fund Hallwalls
so they won't have to do
Artists and Models anymore

He will replace Cleopatra's Needle
in Central Park
With a statue of Charles Bukowski
holding up a bottle of beer
And blowing out birthday candles
for the world

As Prime Minister of Canada
I am proud to nominate
Richard Wicka
as President of the United States
May his government reign
for five hundred years
Hail to the Chief
Hail to the revolution

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