You stuck a wad of nicotine gum
to the Queen's portrait at the post office
We watched as you sold it
on the black market
for Russian cigarettes
You sold guns to Ethiopia
though the other side
would have paid you much more
You told the Toronto stock exchange
to fuck off
through an internet radio web site
which is a capital offence
You opposed the condominium projects
for Aushwitz
which will land you ten to twenty
depending on the judge
You have not paid income taxes
in over twenty years
because you had no income

You bought shares
in defunct countires
that the New World Order
refused to recognize
You wrote anthems
for crack whores on Queenston Street
that were sadly out of tune
In front of Prime Minister Harper
you pissed on his lawn
and grew poisonous flowers
across his face
You stood up in Parliament
and you demanded
Amnesty for the poor and the depraved
You never wrote a single poem
that did not smack of communism
You played Jimmy Rogers
when it was not trendy to do so
You made secret deals
for the release of George Jackson from jail

You took your son
to baseball games in Cuba
and charged the expenses
to a Tory government
Your acts of public drunkeness
are so numerous
We have no room at the courthouse
to contain them

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