As you sit in your mansion on the hill
Contemplating my absence from the college
This is to remind you
I am still alive and well and living in Kaisertown
The place where the Paris Commune still occurs
The place where I am with
my improved binoculars
Aimed at the Republican goon squad
that swam up river from Saigon
that were sent by you through Academic Affairs
to assassinate me
in the cafeteria of micro-management
where the heads really roll
down the hallway to the Methadone Clinic
As I stood helplessly by the bread lines
outside the Humanities Department
They fired several times but they missed
They disappeared in clouds of smoke
from the Great Depression
inside the same stone stairwells
That mask the human cage
The face of Mundane College

As I worked effortlessly
on my Nobel Prize acceptance speech
in the closet space
you so graciously leased to me
You plotted against me, you dumb bastard
You turned my friends and colleagues against me
You erected statues of Ayn Rand behind my back
You handed out paychecks of dirty rags
You betrayed me, my old friend
For we shared the same needle in the men’s room
For we danced on Trotsky’s grave with tecquila embraces
And yet you betrayed me in the end
For fifty gold duckets and a lock of the dean’s hair

Today, I was teaching with my foodstamp face
That I try hard to keep from my students
Today, I threw away the MLA manual for good
And I talked about Che Guevara instead
You walked into the classroom with a machete
as I leaped from my desk
Defending myself with my own delusions of
the ancient Marxist study of
Minor Indo-European topographies

In the grasses where the students go
Wearing their polar fleece inside their handcuffs
I am the one who threw up
On your BMW parking spot, you asshole
I am the one who left behind my limbs on the asphalt
I am the gorilla who escaped from Deleware Park
With a bucket of blood in his heart, beating
For the vetinary majors to find him
Before it was too late

On the campus lawn I watch you
Digging up the trees I had grown
for the wandering Jews you had buried
Through my sacred gardens of Lenny Bruce
I pissed away all afternoon
Last night’s beer from the Flamingo
A simple watering hole that will grow
a good joke or two
As I pluck them now from the tubors
for my students of grass

Goodbye Lavatelli
With your encaustic paintings
Erased by the very bees themselves
by the fourth floor cafe
Goodbye Bigelow
with your eletronic fiction
Pulsating through the darkness
through the eyes of the living dead
That weep through the adjunct office

Goodby Pelton
Chariman of Bob Dylan Affairs
and Harriet Tubman Studies
as your adminstration turns gray
My friends and colleagues
may my Soma here send you to sleep
May the sun set down
by the seconds it takes
for Mundane’s immaculate grimace
To devour us by foot and by tale

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