They have met all of our demands
They have bargained in good faith
Che Guevara will be prominently placed
On their signs and their advertisements
Poor passerbys will be elligable for loans
And given sheep and goats to build farms
In fair exchange,
Local drunks like me will cease to vomit
In the parking lot formerly run by HSBC bank
If you recall, it was the vomiting strategy
By the Kaisertown Revolutionary Front
That tossed HSBC out of town
HSBC was an arrogant bunch
of international bankers
Who laughed at our poor, our dispossessed
Our broken bellies of bile

There is dancing on Clinton Street
The bars are filled with ghosts
I've never seen a populace so happy
I've never read a love poem to a bank

We welcome First Niagara
To the Kaisertown Community
The first revolutionary bank of Buffalo
We welcome their five year plans,
their promised statue for Houghton Park
of Milosz, the great Polish poet and
favored son Kaisertown
We welcome many years of solidarity
Between First Niagara bank and the citizens
Of Kaisertown

Long live First Niagara Bank
Long live the Kaisertown Revolutionary Front

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