I saw the sign come down on Clinton Street
After four months of throwing up on their parking lot
HSBC Bank had decided to leave town for good
They could not withstand my vomitive stamina
Friends and neighbors were clearly on my side
During this long urban guerila insurrection
I applaud them now for their support

It's too bad this international bank was located
So closely to many darkly depressing local bars
The kinds of places where you just don't get drunk
You get drunk and you throw up, the Clinton Street way
I felt in my belly the desolation of Laub International
Being food poisoned at Lucky's
The final straw of a triple vodka at Dad's Bar
Walking by the closed up Brewski's on my way to HSBC
Where my belly broke down and my mouth exploded
A beautiful bile that became a catharsis for the night

I must say, it was quite a production
The bank actually sent a crane onto Clinton Street
To remove their sign
The dank smell of the bank's defeat was in the air
From every bar on the corner
I could hear the helicopters chopping into the wind
Like the ones that fled the American embassy In Saigon
Bankers and tellers scrambled to the highway
That would take them to the aiport and out of town
Amid cheers from the citizens of Kaisertown
Who disappeared into their taverns
Who immediately went to work
At defeating their next enemy

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