I am wretched this morning
so damned wretched as you could imagine
I think I scared away even Michelle
with her beautiful poems
with her beautiful smile
that she sent to me
through the internet
My date with her was a disaster
owing to the steady flow of vodka
from the morning that was last night

The smell of vomit I think
is enough to evict me from this hotel
finally for good
They don’t like vile smells here
Even though the whole place is vile
I open up windows everywhere
but they only blow in the smell of the oil sands
that follow me from Alberta
The room fills with black clouds of stench
deep into my black lungs of stench
I am not the son of a wealthy cloth merchant
what can I do?

I guess it’s time to live on the street
with the concordence of William Butler Yeats
my only companion
The only thing I have not hawked or sold
for beer money
We shall be happy together
We shall be lyrical together
The memory of last night’s moon
so silver in its bottle of black ink
makes me think
why I am the doom sharer all alone?

The ships do not fly, the birds do not swim
I am wretched this morning
My loaf of bread is soaked in urine
and wound up
plugging up the sink
For some unknown reason

The heavy ceramic top of the toilet
wound up in the freezer
The entire case of red wine
is completely empty
as if some party happened here last night
though it seems to me now
nobody came

It is Sunday morning...
No bread, no wine
nor wafers of any kind
My wallet is completely thin
but it was I who stole all the money
I am wretched today
I will be wretched again tomorrow

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