The joys of capatalism began this morning
when I woke up and found myself
a wealthy man
I bought myself seventeen cigars
and smoked them all in a row
The Cuban ambassador thanked me personally
I ended the embargo against his country

The joys of capatalism continued
throughout the day
I raised the minimum wage
to a thousand dollars an hour
I thought because I was so rich
Everyone else should be
Workers held parades on my behalf
I've never shaken so many hands
nor kissed so many babies

The joys of capatalaism continued
late into the evening
I was exhausted from my good fortune
I danced throughout the night
with every beautiful woman in the world
They found me young and handsome
though I am neither

When in the morning it was time for me
to be a poor man again
I found myself writing pamphlets again
They were filled with more anger than before
For I missed being a capatalist
with the means to do anything I wanted
I have shone my last pair of shoes
I have tasted my own blood
for the last time
The moon rose like an oratory
in which the universe could scream

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