On the subway, I sat next to what appeared to be
a poor Black African American woman
who was reading a hardcover book by Donald Trump
She really stood out in the crowd

On the same morning
I saw the first white American man I'd ever seen
wearing a suit and tie in Kaisertown
He ordered a hundred dollars in lottery tickets
He really stood out in the crowd

She wore a black and faded athletic outfit
His suit was neither expensive
nor his yellow tie properly arranged

Somehow I wished these two could get together
Somehow I thought the American Dream
might work for them both if they got together
But she will never build towers on 5th Avenue
and he will never win millions on the lottery

They were strangers on the same winter morning
the snow fell on them both equally
and I thought for a moment
that was the only thing equal about them
Until I brought myself into the picture
as the same snow fell onto me
and I was equal that morning among them

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